By joining Dinky Divers baby/toddler swimming lessons, you have the opportunity to participate in a beautiful and fantastic experience in an underwater photo shoot!

To be able to participate in this photo shoot, your little one will have to be able to recognise and understand the under water commands our lessons provide to ensure they are completely comfortable and prepared for submersions. Your little one will then know how to hold their breath which will therefore prevent them from getting upset. Thus allowing the photographer to capture them at their best & not a shocked and frightened face (please note that it can be mood dependant on the day). You will have the choice of going under with your child, either both parents, any additional siblings or just solo shots. Not only will you have the option of choosing under water photos, but surface pictures & out of water family photos also.

Our professional photographers also provide props which are optional to be used in your photos, for example: various toys, floats and costumes (fairy wings, super man/girl outfits, tiaras etc).

You can join in on this magical experience as soon as your instructor feels they are capable to take part. Photo shoot days are announced & posted on the Dinky Divers Facebook page, alternatively email your interest & I can let you know when the next shoot will take place.