Our after-school lessons are for children aged 3+ and run from 4pm & onwards. Groups are categorised into ability levels, where each child share similar or the same aims and goals to progress as a swimmer.

Laura’s Swim Academy are proud members of the STA, where we follow The International Learn to Swim Programme (ILSP) which is an exciting, motivational, interlinking and progressive Awards Programme that engages children at every stage of their development. All levels have clearly defined standards, teaching objectives and learning outcomes, and all levels incentives and reward with colourful badges and certificates (purchasing these certificates are an optional incentive).

Beginner Lessons

These lessons focus on being able to swim on their front and back. Gradually building up strength so they can swim unaided and safely in any water environment.

With the use of floats we introduce our swimmers to the different types of strokes, showing them how to break them down which then makes it easier for them to understand and learn. Water safety is constantly encouraged, with questions and challenges within each lesson to help each child remember important facts regarding safety & technique.

Other activities include under water submersions, floating and sculling, jumping in and many more.

Intermediate Lessons

After the basic swimming skills have been learnt & they can swim without floats & know some stroke work. Our intermediate swimmers work more in depth with the different types of strokes.

Challenging our swimmers with new ways of moving through the water. Stamina and strength is consistently improving and swimmers go through progressive practices as they learn & achieve new skills.

Swimmers will learn how to breath correctly for all of the strokes. Other activities include more difficult under water submersions (such as forward rolls), introduction to diving, introduction to the butterfly stroke and many more.

Advanced Lessons

These swimming lessons focus on perfecting the stroke, ensuring the child understands how to make their stroke more efficient and faster. Swimmers start to perform long distance challenges, looking at being timed and racing, encouraging friendly competitiveness.

Advanced life safety is also taught, allowing children to understand the importance of safety in the water and the different ways to stay safe and potentially save others. Other activities are learning correct starts, turns and finishes, advanced dives, advanced life safety, strength & fitness training and many more.

Laura’s Swim Academy ensure that swimmers can not only swim a certain distance, but in a competent and well-performed style that is of high quality as we focus strongly on technique.