Laura’s swim academy are proud to provide private 1to1 tuition for adults, allowing the instructor to focus solely on you. The undivided attention you will receive from the teacher ensures lessons focus on your own needs, with easy to learn steps that are designed to suit your ability.

Whether it be starting from scratch, rehabilitation or fitness, our private 1to1 lessons will help you achieve your goals. Our instructors will ask you a few questions regarding any past experience, fears, goals and aims, all to ensure they understand what level you’re at and they provide the correct exercises that are suitable for you. Remember, its never too late to learn!

Beginner Lessons

All pools we teach at have a shallow section, around 1.0 metre which is usually around waist height, which is perfect for beginners. Our beginner classes focus ensuring you become comfortable in the water, with exercises that adjust to you, getting used to the feeling of floating and moving through the water comfortably & safely.

We cover the basics in your first lesson; body position, starting glides, finishing regains and basic arm and leg movement. With the use of floatation devices and practices, we help you gain confidence and become an efficient swimmer.

Upon completing the basics, you can choose what other skills you wish to learn, from: back paddle, breast stroke, front crawl, back crawl, treading water, underwater submersions, jumping in and so on.

Fitness & Strength Training

Training for an event or wish to become fitter? Swimming is one of the greatest exercises for your body as it uses the majority of your muscles and improves your cardiovascular system. Whether you’re wishing to improve a certain stroke or gain stamina, our exercises and drills will challenge you and improve your overall swimming skills.

Depending on your experience and ability in the water, our instructors will help guide you on strengthening yourself and provide exercises which will help achieve your aims and goals.

Lessons will work on perfecting your stroke so it is efficient, challenging you to complete a certain distance within a time limit, exercises that will push and work you out, usage of floats to perform various of exercises and so forth.


Swimming is an excellent rehabilitation tool that can help you recover from any injuries, slowly rebuilding/gaining your muscle strength to ensure you regain your fitness the correct way.

Physical injuries can sideline you and really interfere with your daily life; rehabilitation allows your muscles and ligaments to strengthen and provide more support for injured areas – even ask your local GP or Doctor! Depending on your injury and the severity of it, we will provide a variety of appropriate aquatic exercises that will benefit you.

Rehabilitation is not just for those who are injured, but also for those who suffer from arthritis or osteoporosis, older adults, individuals who are obese, pregnant women and people with bone, joint and connective tissue injuries.

Here are some of the main reasons why swimming is so beneficial for rehabilitation:

  • It is a low impact sport; swimming is less jarring on the body and joints, thus being less intense than other exercises. There is also less chance of any further injuries from falling over or pulling any additional muscles.
  • Water is advantageous; the buoyancy of water is a force that acts on the body to balance the weight of a swimming, thus support the body weight. Whilst the buoyancy of the water protects the joints, the waters resistance increases the efficiency of the workout.
  • It is not weight-bearing; utilising different swim strokes or positions help alleviate some pressure in the back and shoulders, with the water providing support.
  • It is a form of active stretching; swimming ensures a full range of motion movements for almost every body part.