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Baby & Guardian Classes

Our baby lessons are a unique and inspiring experience to witness and be apart of, as we begin your little ones journey to become a safe and competent swimmer.

We teach YOU to teach your baby to swim, which is an amazing experience and chance to bond significantly. Since 2004, Laura Kent (founder and owner of Laura’s Swim Academy and Dinky Divers), created a swim programme consisting of word association and safety activities to help your baby learn to swim independently.

Our fun and innovative programme looks at holding your child correctly, building water confidence, learning and performing commands (word association), safety exercises and most importantly, having fun.

Through the use of toys, floats and nursery rhymes, we encourage your baby to become independent, confident and stronger in the water. As your child progresses through the course, we incorporate more challenging movements to encourage independent swimming.

Not only are Dinky Diver lessons beneficial for your little one, but it is great opportunity to meet other parents with little ones just like yourself!

Underwater Submersions

Learning to go underwater plays a huge part in developing water confidence, and with careful supervision and encouragement, babies can swim short distances unaided. Babies are known to have a natural gag reflex (meaning they can hold their breath for a certain period of time), which gradually lessens at around 6 months as they start to take control of their own breathing.

Our lessons prepare your little one to accept water on the face, gradually leading on to under water submersions. With repetitive teaching, your child will learn to expect water coming with a command, thus being able to swim underwater without swallowing involuntarily and help prevent any future fears.

Another benefit of underwater swimming is the opportunity to capture a memory and savour it in a photo form!

Dinky Divers proudly offers underwater photo shoots of you and your little one. In order to complete the underwater shoot, babies should be able to recognise and feel comfortable when performing the underwater command.

But as important and exciting as going underwater is, it is only a section of our lesson programme; our submersions last no longer than a few seconds, and only a certain amount of submersions are performed within each lesson. Dinky Divers will never swim a baby against their wishes and will provide other exercises to prevent anxiety.

Toddler & Guardian Classes

Whether you have just completed the baby courses or your starting new, our toddler group lessons are full of exciting activities where independency, confidence & safety is key! The next big step to swimming alone begins here; Dinky Diver toddler lessons still involves a guardian to be present, but the encouragement to paddle along solo is now priority.

Through the use of a swimming floatation jacket, our little Divers are now capable to float independently.

Lesson activities still involve key movements from the baby lessons, but with adaptations which allow your child to work more themselves. Motivating your child through the use of toys, floats, games and songs, together we strengthen and play as your child learns and progresses.

The lesson objectives are to ensure your child can: enter and exit the pool, float and balance independently, improve co-ordination, consistently move arms and legs to travel through the water, introduction to correct body position, encouraging independent underwater swimming and start taking instruction from the teacher so they can advanced into a class without a guardian!

Pre-school Lessons without a Guardian

The next step to independency after the toddler classes! Our pre-school lessons are for children aged below 4 years, where swimmers are without a guardian in the water. These lessons are still fun based, using toys and games to encourage and motivate your child.

Lessons look at learning to take instruction from the teacher, thus becoming more independent, whilst becoming more knowledgable of technique and body position, building strength and stamina, and looking at more in-depth water safety.

Following the pre-school lessons, your child will advance to Laura’s Swim Academy (can be from 3years, depending on confidence & strength levels)